Film director, designer and photographer, Nicolas is multidisciplinary. He works in the space where brand, images, design, storytelling, and technology converge.

Nicolas’s film style is defined by subtle art direction and a sensibility for aesthetic imagery and precisely framed shots. He has also developed a special affinity for groundbreaking visual effects (like high-speed camera work) and sophisticated imagery that blends technical and artistic skills. Furthermore, his passion for beautiful images has naturally brought him to photography where his keen eye for detail and style can be given even more freedom.

The wide range of diverse backgrounds enables Nicolas to think and approach every project from a range of perspectives, to create original, beautiful and inspiring work.

Nicolas started his career as an art director and worked in leading advertising agencies and studios, before becoming creative director. It was there he started directing commercials having been appointed director/producer of the motion production department in the agency.

Over the years, he has delivered work for national, international and global brands such as: Coca-Cola, Wrangler, Volkswagen, Audi, Nestle, Schweppes, Lexus, Philips, ING and Microsoft China.

In 2011, he moved to Los Angeles to expand his skills in motion graphics, film direction and commercials. Working as a Creative Director at Kyle Cooper's company, he created and produced a number of different films including opening sequences, TV graphic packages, and commercials for clients such as Starz, CNN, ESPN, Lifetime TV, AT&T.

In 2003 Nicolas founded his own creative and visual communications studio Visualmeta4. There he develops both the visual language for brands and produces and directs brands movies and films.